Masha's Datcha2-03

Alex Bacon is back on track with a new EP called “After The Burnout”, comprised of 5 new songs and a remix of the track “Koming Out”.

During 2014 Masha’s Datcha performed in Nottingham England, in Latvia at the Labadaba festival (Riga), in Paris (the legendary “Le Baron” club), and at the open air Théatre de Verdure in Nice.

Adding 5 vibrant, bright new pop songs has brought fresh and varied colors to the band’s repertoire, but all of them retain the immediate appeal which is Masha’s hallmark.

“Shout it out” is a “singalong” track gathering us all together under a magnificent shiny blue Californian sky.

“The Toxic Queen” draws us into a zone of weird tensions, combining disco rock with oriental tones.

“Rollercoaster” pushes us along, through an “over the top” and kaleidoscopic pop song, swaying between acoustic and electro sounds.

The track “Bon Voyage” takes us on a bitter sweet journey, whereas the song “Downtown Streets” takes us into darker territory .
So all in all, more variety of flavours, but the same immediacy and high quality production values.

Let’s stay connected , Masha’s Datcha will be playing in your neighborhood very soon !